By Enrico Messinese – On November 2022 project partners officially launched the Hackathon activity under the Consulting EUTH project with the goal to assist migrants and new generations in securing a voice and an active role in policy development. From that moment 8  different teams have been created with the involvement of more than 70 people aged 18-24 from 10 EU countries. 4 have been the selected topics on which teams have been invited to challenge among themselves for the creation of the best final product. Such topics were: 1. improve young people’s establishment in working and social life, 2. promote the acquisition of the citizenship and political representation by removing the main obstacles, 3. favour the active participation of youth in decision-making and spread of opportunities for youth including conveying an authentic representation of society, 4. young people’s leisure, organizing and well- being.

Expert mentors from the partners organisations have supported the teams during their activity meeting online or physically.

From January to March 2023 each different teams have internally discussed and smoothly collaborated in order to better define the object of their work and how to give a concrete answer to the selected topic.

The overall hackathon structure has been organized using the Design Thinking methodology, inviting participants to better discover the addressed problem analysing the hackathon context and describing the existing problems from different pints of view. During the second phase teams have created their ideas including a feasibility analysis and implementation process. The third phase was the pitching aimed at describing and summarizing the main aspects of the project and the work done into the team offering also (in some cases) the demo of the produced or imagined solution.

At the end, the work of the teams have been evaluated by an international jury who selected the wining team that will become the founder member of the CEUTH first Consultative Body in Europe… but this is yet to come!

Watch here all the video pitches from the teams:

World’s Citizens


Belgium Frites

Youth 4 Employment

Youth and Youth

The Social Entrepreneurs