The Consulting EUTH (CEUTH) project is focused on addressing the challenges faced by youth migrants and refugees with the aim of enhancing their social inclusion. The project employs innovative and collaborative approaches to ensure that the voices and perspectives of young migrants and refugees are actively involved in shaping policies that affect them.

One of the key aspects of CEUTH’s commitment is the establishment of consultative bodies not only at the local level but also on the broader European stage. This multi-level approach recognizes the diverse contexts and needs of youth migrants and refugees across different regions, while also contributing to a more comprehensive and effective policy framework.

The project envisions a future where young migrants and refugees play an active role in contributing to societal structures, moving beyond being mere recipients of policies. CEUTH strives to create a platform for transparent conversations and inclusive decision-making processes. This emphasis on inclusivity aims to build a framework of understanding, empathy, and shared responsibility among all stakeholders involved in shaping policies affecting youth migrants and refugees.

As part of its efforts to engage a wider audience and share insights gained through its work, CEUTH is organizing a final event in Brussels on 05/12/2023. To participate register now here!

Consulting Euth: Enhancing the level of social inclusion of Youth migrants and refugees, co-designing policies through the setting up of consultative bodies at local and European level

Venue: Room 5E2 Altiero Spinelli Building, European Parliament

hosted by the Vice-President of the European Parliament Pina Picierno

Co-chairs: Prof. Fabio Masini Roma Tre Univ. and Ahmet Sayer, European Migration Platform

11:45 Registration

12:00 Welcome speech: Fabio Masini, Roma Tre University.

12:10 Opening speech: Pina Picierno, Vice President of the European Parliament

12:20 Keynote speaker: Gabriele Puccianti, European Commission DG Migration & Home Affairs, Legal Pathways and Integration

12:30 The project results:

Ilaria Boiano, Roma Tre Univ. and Differenza Donna Ngo

Nicolò Lattuchella, youth WORKER APS TIA Formazione Internazionale and Victoria Mariana Ninoiu, Hackathon Teams’ member

Maria Skoufi, Innovation Hive & Kamila Boukfouz PlatformINs

13:00 Keynote speaker: Alexia Vercruysse, Académie de recherche et d’enseignement supérieur

13:10 Roundtable: The EU and local consulting bodies

Introduction and Facilitator Alexander Wolffhardt, Migration Policy Group

EU and Local consulting bodies’ members take the floor

14:00 The event ends.

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