In a significant gathering held at the Altiero Spinelli Building of the European Parliament, project partners and members of consultative bodies came together to engage in critical discussions and share the noteworthy milestones achieved in their collaborative initiative. This meeting not only provided a forum for the exchange of ideas but also served as a strategic platform to underscore the highlights of the project’s results. Participants utilized this opportunity to describe the forthcoming actions and activities within the comprehensive framework of the initiative.

The concerted endeavors of project partners have led to the completion of vital project deliverables and thorough research. Importantly, the outcomes of these endeavors are made readily accessible to the public, showcasing a steadfast commitment to transparency. This dedication to disseminating valuable insights from the project underscores its role in contributing essential knowledge to the ongoing discourse surrounding the complex challenges associated with migration.


The event, hosted at the European Parliament’s iconic venue, generated substantial interest among participants who were deeply engaged in exploring the project’s deliverables and the activities of the consultative bodies. Representatives from these bodies, in sharing their profound experiences, presented thematic structures that have evolved into fundamental pillars guiding the ongoing discussions. The depth of engagement exhibited during the event underscores the growing recognition of the vital role collaborative efforts play in addressing the intricacies of migration and fostering inclusion within European societies.

Pina Picierno, Vice President of the European Parliament, added a significant dimension to the event by emphasizing the critical nature of managing migratory flows and asylum policies. Picierno highlighted the profound role that successful integration of migrants plays in reshaping the narrative around immigration. Her commendation of the project participants, particularly for their targeted focus on the younger generations of migrants, stands as a powerful testament to the potential of the project to drive positive change and contribute to shaping a more inclusive society.

The dedication exhibited by project partners, coupled with the support from influential figures such as Pina Picierno and Gabriele Puccianti, solidifies the project’s standing as a central initiative in addressing the multifaceted challenges of migration and inclusion in the European context. The unveiling of outcomes and insights at this event adds a compelling and transformative chapter to the ongoing narrative, one that actively contributes to shaping informed and inclusive policies for the future. As the project gains momentum, its collaborative spirit and dedication to fostering positive change position it as a beacon in the evolving landscape of migration-related initiatives.

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