The second-generation youth reveal themselves as complex and multifaceted, capable of assuming diverse identities and reinventing themselves, following the example of their parents.

We are infused with nuances and colors, a diversity that can transform into an extraordinary richness. Our varied experiences, even those sometimes painful, constitute a powerful starting point for engaging in a sincere dialogue about our identity. However, to be seen and understood, it is necessary to share our stories. Our project focused on two pivotal themes: INCLUSION and IDENTITY. We sought to provide insight into how young immigrants and second-generation citizens navigate these challenges, starting from our experiences through creating a documentary. The documentary shows the story of 4 young immigrants, Hagar K., Giselle B., Michelle B., and Aimen Y. Hagar, in the theatrical context at Lido di Ostia, recounted the pain she went through throughout the artistic exposition of her transvaginal ultrasound scans. She reflected on art as a means of escape and coping with reality.

Giselle shared her experience as a second-generation daughter, exploring family roots, the complex relationship with her parents’ countries of origin, and the challenges in asserting her Italian identity.

Michelle highlighted the love and courage of her mother in migrating and opening new opportunities for her children, describing this act as a “proof of love” capable of offering possibilities and new forms of growth.

Aimen painted the picture of her experience as a second-generation Pakistani daughter. The mature discussion on contemporary issues, inclusion, and identity revealed surprising connections between their family stories. It highlights how many migrants focus on survival, neglecting crucial aspects of life such as leisure and health, often misconstrued as privileges or “things for the wealthy.” The lack of understanding and empathy towards second-generation youth was emphasized.

Still, the strength of these girls emerged through a process of resilience that led to the authentic definition of their identities, whether through art or work.

We hope you enjoy our work.

Aimen Yousaf & Aelin Urbano Principe

Rome Consultative Body

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