Hackathon is an innovative tool. It is usually hosted by a tech company or organization, where programmers get together for a short period of time to collaborate on a project. In this project it will be used for empowerment of target group related to Youth Policies, immigration and refugees. The explicit goal of this is to assist migrants in securing a voice and an active role in policy development.  The Hackathon will be organized by TIA FORMAZIONE.

You(th) for the future Hackathon

The You(th) for the Future Hackathon’s goal is to assist migrants in securing a voice and an active role in policy development.

Download the Starter Kit, the document provides you with all the information you need to participate in the You(th) for the Future Hackathon.

Download Terms and Condition

Timeline Europe/Rome GMT+01:00
👌Participants selection
12 October @ 11:51
⏺ Registration and team formation
15 November @ 00:00
🔎 Info session
12 December @ 16:00
🛑Registrations & Teams closed
16 December @ 00:00
🔎 Warm-up for the hackathon session
16 January @ 16:00
🏁Hackathon launch
1 February @ 12:00
🚩 Deliverable 1 // Problem Discovery
15 February @ 00:00
🚩 Deliverable 2 // Idea Proposition
10 March @ 00:00
🚩 Deliverable 3 // Video Pitch
15 March @ 00:00
✍️ Evaluation
15 March @ 00:01
🎉 Pitching & Award Live Event
31 March @ 12:00

Registrations for the hackathon are now open!  Register by clicking the button below

Time until 🏁Hackathon launch